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Helen Glover is the founder of The Gentleman’s Secret, a coaching and lifestyle brand helping single professional men create rich new lives after divorce.

Her mission is to help men become more authentic versions of themselves by tapping into the power of not only the masculine but also the feminine within; helping them to achieve emotional balance and harmony and how they show up in the world.

With experience in design, vocational coaching, mentoring and public speaking Helen is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to holding space and helping men find their way through the s-bends of divorce.​

By harnessing the way you see the world, Helen can identify and expand skills you have breezed over, not identified or pushed to the side as not important. Would you like to change where you are? Do you feel you have lost your way? Has anyone ever actually asked you “What is it that YOU want?” - are you actually doing what makes you happy?

By using tools developed over experiences in both her own life and assisting others through traumatic times, Helen has developed an amazing ability to turn what you would see as weaknesses into some of your biggest strengths. By really looking at the way you make decisions, why you make the choices you have made, why you are in the career you are in, Helen can break down to the question we all want the answer to “Where to from here”...


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"I am always humbled by the conversations I have each time I hit the record button, making the space to listen and for another person to be heard is indeed a gift for both parties"....




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